Ice Containers


It's an essential part of every refreshment center.  Why not get it right the first time.


A major part of what we do.  Our ice containers are built to exacting requirements, down to the 1/32" of an inch. With an array of options available, the "sky is the limit" really does apply.  Unlike some, our ice containers are super light stainless steel yet built with durability in mind.  None of those over weight, unattractive welded replacement units.  Trust the source that has been supplying OEMs for over 30 years.  


Browse a small selection of the thousands of ice chest we have built to gain some ideas for your project.

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Bradbury Sheet Metal fabricates custom stainless galley inserts and accessories for the  transport interiors industry. Makers of custom Ice Containers, Trash Containers, Drip Pans, Water Containers and other Galley Inserts.